Podcast | Choosing to Hire (Or Not) a Financial Advisor

We do our research and geek out on the most optimal way to earn, save and invest our money, but when we hit roadblocks, asking for help is the wisest thing to do. Financial advisors could prove to be of value for us to see the forest for the trees.

Podcast | Striving to be Better Stewards of Success

Financial independence not only frees us to do the things that fulfills us, but to help society in general. As individuals who live our lives with intention, we are called to be better stewards of success that comes our way. Building wealth slow and steady by eliminating debt, geoarbitrage, simple budgeting and investing are some of the ways (our guest) Almira Rabaca planned to be financially independent and be a better steward of success.

Cusco Peru | Historic Center, Plaza de Armas and San Blas Neighborhood

Traveling back in time.  This is the surreal feeling of traversing the cobbled streets of Cusco’s Historic Center. Each avenue is unique, surrounded by colonial verandas with touches of Inca empire stonework, clashing in a mesh of architectural genius. A mixing pot of cultures and influences, Cusco’s Historic Center, established itself as one of the… Continue reading Cusco Peru | Historic Center, Plaza de Armas and San Blas Neighborhood


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