Podcast Summaries

Podcast | Investing Beliefs and Core Principles

Today we talk to “coffee aficionados” who started their Financial Independence journey back in 2017. They are both physical therapist Filipino immigrants that realized the value of financial freedom early in their careers. Let’s find out how Jerome Paguyo and Quiolo Angeles plan to achieve Financial Independence by following the most basic investing beliefs and core principles.

Podcast Summaries

Podcast | Striving to be Better Stewards of Success

Financial independence not only frees us to do the things that fulfills us, but to help society in general. As individuals who live our lives with intention, we are called to be better stewards of success that comes our way. Find out how Almira planned to be financially independent and be a better steward of success.

Financial Independence

3 Tax Advantaged Accounts You Must Start This Year

The markets being as fickle as it is, we still believe that investing is a slow and steady way to accumulate wealth for financial independence. The same way as exercise repetitions done one after the other builds the foundation for a healthy patient. In this article you will see the tax-advantaged accounts we use and their benefits.