Podcast Summaries

Podcast | Job Security, Designing Your Financial Life, and Sandwich Generation

In this captivating episode, Irene Tayamora shares her transformative journey of how she creatively applied her architectural expertise to construct a solid financial foundation. From meticulously crafting a budget to building strategic investments, she reveals the blueprint she used to shape her own destiny.

Podcast Summaries

Podcast | Designing a Financial Independence Life and Marriage

Chris and Angela have been married for 5 years. They bonded over two things from the moment they met, the love of hiking and budgeting. What may be an awkward first date conversation for some is what made their relationship flourish.

Podcast Summaries

Podcast | Investing Beliefs and Core Principles

Today we talk to “coffee aficionados” who started their Financial Independence journey back in 2017. They are both physical therapist Filipino immigrants that realized the value of financial freedom early in their careers. Let’s find out how Jerome Paguyo and Quiolo Angeles plan to achieve Financial Independence by following the most basic investing beliefs and core principles.

Podcast Summaries

Podcast | Building an Accountability Community

Seeking to know more about the rules of the FI game, Ken founded the FIRE Movement Philippines Facebook group to engage other Filipinos in the Financial Independence sphere. People from different personal finance groups had found an accountability community in which they could share their knowledge, ask for advice, and celebrate their FI wins.

Trial Retirement

Cusco Peru | Trial Retirement in Color

Welcome to our 3rd Trial Retirement in the oldest continuously inhabited city in South America, the seat of the great Incan empire, Cusco Peru. In the series of posts that will follow we will explore this UNESCO World Heritage city, the ancient ruins and colorful pueblos around it to know how they changed from Pre-Columbian times.