Podcast Summaries

Real Estate Investing 101

Today's guest had read the classic personal finance book, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, early on in his work life. This opened his eyes on the true meaning of wealth and changed his mindset on wealth building. Realizing that to build wealth you don’t always have to exchange your precious time. Bernard Sanga… Continue reading Real Estate Investing 101

Podcast Summaries

Building an Accountability Community

Is Financial Independence possible even if you live and work the in the Philippines? Entrepreneur and FIRE starter Kenneth Reyes-Lao (@kenreyeslao) realized that it is possible! The only thing is you must know the rules to play the Financial Independence game. Ken’s pursuit of Financial Independence was influenced by a question from his father. “How… Continue reading Building an Accountability Community

Trial Retirement

Explorers in Color | 3rd Trial Retirement in Cusco Peru

Welcome to our 3rd Trial Retirement in the oldest continuously inhabited city in South America, the seat of the great Incan empire, Cusco Peru.  In the series of posts that will follow we will explore this UNESCO World Heritage city, the ancient ruins, and colorful pueblos around it to know how they changed from Pre-Columbian… Continue reading Explorers in Color | 3rd Trial Retirement in Cusco Peru

Podcast Summaries

Raising Second Generation FIRE

Family life and finances don’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to retire early to follow the Financial Independence Retire Early principles. In fact, our first guest doesn’t have plans of retiring early because he sees his job as a hobby where he gets paid. Our first guest, Rommel, moved to the U.S. to… Continue reading Raising Second Generation FIRE

Financial Independence

A Guide to Start your Plan of FI

In the PT profession, we write both short- and long-term goals for our patients. These goals determine our course during the sessions and ensures the effectiveness of our training and treatment. A guide that lets us know how to begin treatment, increase, or decrease exercise intensity and discharge our clients once our goals are achieved.… Continue reading A Guide to Start your Plan of FI

Financial Independence

Accelerate your Freedom through the Magic of Compound Interest

A Crazy Kid with a Crazy Idea I loved mangoes when I was a kid, and still do now. When I learned that this sweet golden bundle of deliciousness came from trees, my naïve mind came up with a crazy idea. Photo by julie aagaard on Pexels.com What if we have our own mango tree!?… Continue reading Accelerate your Freedom through the Magic of Compound Interest

Financial Independence

How Much Do I Need to Retire?

Doubts and questions How many millions of dollars must we put away to be contented for the rest of our lives? Do we still have to work until we're 67? Is it possible to retire early? How much do I need to retire? Our humble beginnings My wife and I are roughly of the same… Continue reading How Much Do I Need to Retire?